Our founders, Nick and Steve, met in 2016 and quickly realised that it was almost impossible to buy seitan online other than pickled in jars. As committed vegans and environmentalists themselves, they wanted to do whatever they could to encourage others to choose an alternative to animal products and thought that if they could provide a top quality vegan product, a “meat replacement”, then they could provide this alternative.

Nick, a genius in the kitchen, had for a number of years been experimenting and perfecting the art of producing the most amazing, flavoured & textured, home-made seitan. Steve had been searching for good quality, ready made seitan without much luck and so, the pair saw that they were on to something and, in August 2017, LoveSeitan was born.

Few vegans and vegetarians fully recognised, or were aware of, the huge benefits this ancient, plant-based protein source could offer. Helped by the wonderful Heather Mills and many other friends along the way, word got out and Loveseitan was quickly established as the leading UK brand for top quality seitan.
Nick – Creative 
LoveSeitan’s creative talent. Nick has spent the last few years perfecting LoveSeitan’s delicious range of Seitan.

He is an incredibly talented chef and has been known to produce fantastic meals for crowds of hungry campers using nothing more than a camp stove and a frying pan.

He has been a vegan since the age of four, is himself father to four little vegans. He is a passionate environmentalist, a lifelong Fulham supporter (for his sins) and a useful golfer who is always open to invites to corporate golf days!
Steve – Operations 
LoveSeitan’s operations guru. Steve is responsible for ensuring that LoveSeitan’s plan for world domination is successful! He is a keen runner and initially became vegan to lose weight and help with his recovery from long runs. He lost 10kg and turned his focus to marathons. In April 2016 he ran the Paris, Manchester, Brighton and London marathons – one every weekend – to raise money for Shooting Chase, a local children’s hospice. He successfully finished each marathon faster than the previous one and gained a personal best at the London Marathon beating the time he managed in 1994. He has been vegan since June 2014.
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