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Historically seitan was always unflavoured. A very basic mix of flour and water, boiled or baked and then flavoured externally. Although we do offer a plain version, when we created our original recipes, we decided to flavour the seitan itself.

Our current flavours are:
Classic Seitan
Our original recipe. Classic is a subtle mix of smoked paprika and basil. Although an unlikely combination, the earthiness of the smoked paprika blends perfectly with the gentle sweetness of the basil to create an authentically savoury flavour which lends itself to the more traditional dishes such as a roast dinner, a stew or casserole. Classic is possibly our most versatile flavour, ideal in a wrap with fresh salad or sliced as a sandwich filling.

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Chilli & Garlic
Our chilli & garlic seitan is only very gently flavoured with chilli so even those intolerant to overly spicy food can enjoy it. The unique flavour of the garlic works to temper the chilli resulting in a flavour that is both surprising and incredibly moreish. Ideal uses are chopped up in a stir fry or noodle dish, in an arrabbiata or almost any pasta dish, or thinly sliced, flash fried and added to a Doner kebab.

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Seitan Chyck’n
Flavoured with a carefully selected chicken seasoning (non MSG) and crisp garlic granules, our chyck’n seitan is a taste explosion. Many have eaten our breaded nuggets and struggled to believe it wasn’t actually chicken. Gently fry with rice and vegetables to create a wholly satisfying dish or serve with crisp winter vegetables and thick gravy and feel like you just arrived home. As with all of our flavours it is incredibly versatile and will work perfectly with virtually any dish you choose.

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Smokey Dokey
Its deep rich smokey flavour and aroma is often, when cooked, compared to that of bacon. We use smoked paprika again in this recipe, but it is combined with other smoked flavours for the maximum effect. It is wonderful when chopped, lightly fried and added to a white sauce and served with tagliatelle. Equally though, sliced in a sandwich, on a bed of crisp lettuce with fresh tomatoes and ketchup, it is the perfect comfort food.

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Simply Seitan
Simply is our basic, unflavoured seitan. Don’t let this fool you though as its uses are as wide as they are imaginable. The beauty of simply is that it allows the chef to fully create the flavours of the dish. As with all of our products, simply is high in protein (approx. 30%) so more than holds its own as the main protein content of any meal. Its texture is very similar to that of meat products and it holds flavours when marinated.

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Seitan Roast
A striking blend of Rosemary and Sage, very slightly softer than our other logs, which not only makes the texture more tender, but also enhances the flavour. Remove packaging, wrap in foil and bake on 180 deg C/gas mark 4 for 25 minutes, then carve and serve with your favourite roasted vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and a thick gravy. Perfect for pubs looking for a Sunday roast vegan option.

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Seitan Pepperoni
Until now, pepperoni lovers looking for a plant-based alter-native for the nation’s favourite pizza topping have had to make their own at home. After a year of development and testing, the we taken great care to ensure that our plant based pepperoni satisfies the taste buds of even the most dedicated pepperoni enthusiast.

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Seitan is the most versatile of products and its uses are only limited by your imagination or kitchen skills! All of the images on this website are dishes we have made ourselves using seitan including those on the labels above which will enlarge if you click them. Historically meals consist of a protein (seitan, animal products), carbohydrates (vegetables, pasta, rice) and often a sauce or dressing (gravy, ketchup, soy sauce). Seitan is the ideal replacement for animal products offering all of the benefits and none of the negatives which include the cholesterol and saturated fats which can lead to serious illness and of course seitan does not release greenhouse gases of which the livestock sector are a major contributor.

Seitan is a Japanese word which translates to “proper” or “correct” protein. The protein content of seitan is on a par with that of chicken breast at around 30%. It has a higher protein content than pork, eggs, milk, ground beef and fish.

If you are flexitarian or if you are transitioning to a vegan / plant based diet, you can use seitan to create any dishes that you would previously have used animal products. Whether it’s a roast dinner, pasta, a stir fry, a stew or casserole, fried rice or a filling for a sandwich, burrito or jacket potato. It’s ideal in a curry, in lasagna, in pies or pasties, as a pizza topping or as part of a full English breakfast.

It can be fried, baked, grilled, tossed in a salad or even eaten raw out of the pack. The options really are limitless and please do take inspiration from the images on this website which we will continually be adding to as we create them. 
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