Fantastic Italian Food

LoveSeitan Pepperoni is satisfies the taste buds of even the most dedicated pepperoni enthusiast. It is 100% vegan, soy free and certified as Kosher.

As an alternative to our Pepperoni, a number of our other flavours are regularly used as pizza toppings. Smokey and Chilli & Garlic are amongst the favourites, but our shredded chyck’n seitan is the real winner. Due to the size of the pieces, it adds a real meat like bite, which is both full of flavour and filling.

Our Pepperoni has been used on pizzas in both Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

Due to its incredible meat-like texture and consistency, Seitan is the perfect vegan compliment to a vast range of Italian dishes.  When our Classic Seitan is minced and added to a Bolognese sauce it is unrecognisable from its traditional meat based alternative.  It works equally well in Lasagna , Cannelloni, a Zucchini Stew, a Ragu and in a Baked Ziti.

Add our diced Smokey seitan lardons to a creamy white sauce to create an incredible Carbonara.

These are just a few ideas of how our seitan works in Italian dishes. Let your imagination and your chefs run wild, you will find it the perfect ingredient to turn almost any Italian dish vegan.

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