Seitan Chub Formats

Our chubs are ideal for food service and those wanting to create their own dishes and formats. Chubs can for instance be sliced, diced, grated or minced but it’s uses are many. As with all of our seitan, they are Soy, GMO & Palm Oil Free.

1kg chubs are available in six flavours, Simply, Classic, Chyck’n, Smokey, Chilli & Garlic and Seitan Roast.

275g Chubs are available in five flavours, Classic, Chyck’n, Smokey, Chilli & Garlic and Pepperoni.
Click the images below for further information on each individual product.
Seitan Roast
Seitan Roast 1kg
Smokey Dokey Seitan
Smokey Dokey 1kg
Classic Seitan
Classic Seitan 1kg
Simply Seitan
Simply Seitan 1kg
Seitan Chyck'n
Seitan Chyck'n 1kg
Chilli & Garlic Seitan
Seitan Chyck'n 1kg
Smokey Dokey Seitan
Smokey Dokey 275g
Seitan Pepperoni
Seitan Pepperoni 275g
Classic Seitan
Classic Seitan 275g
Chilli & Garlic
Chilli & Garlic 275g
Seitan Chyck'n
Seitan Chyck'n 275g

If you would like further information about our products please complete and submit the form below, call 0333 200 7314 or email We will get back to you as soon as possible. You can order our products directly through Rekki, use the “order wholesale” link bottom right of this page.

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