We’re grateful to everyone that has ordered from us over the last few weeks and months, whether you’re a new customer or a LoveSeitan regular.  Some of you have been in touch recently as there have been issues with deliveries arriving on time.

As you can imagine couriers have been overwhelmed, due to the current situation. The huge majority or people have switched to, or have increased their, online ordering. This is fine if you’re ordering a new hose pipe for your garden, but when it’s food, it needs to be delivered on time.

We have sent all of your orders on a NEXT DAY DELIVERY service, sadly though we have been let down and some have not made it in time. And with the weather being unseasonably warm, this only makes matters worse.

We are against food waste of any kind and unless we make changes feel that we are contributing to it. The United Nations recently stated that if food waste was a country, it would be the third highest emitter of greenhouse gases globally. We cannot be part of that, it goes against all we believe in.


Because of these issues we have taken the decision to restructure our shipping practises. This will mean that we WILL NOT be shipping any orders next week while we put everything in place. All orders, those currently in our system and any received from today onwards, will not be shipped until Monday the 1st June at the earliest.

We sincerely apologise for what will be delays, but we really have been left with no other choice.

Our products are fine to be shipped as they have always been, so long as they arrive promptly. With the courier issues and current warm weather (it’s due to hit the mid to high 20s again next week) and the summer fast approaching, we have needed to make these urgent changes.

From June 1st onwards, all orders will be sent in upgraded chilled boxes with ice packs. If an order is delayed, this will keep the products fresh for at least 48 hours. We are also looking at alternate (and hopefully more reliable) courier services.

Once we resume shipping, orders will go out in the order they were received, so those with orders currently in the system will receive them first.


During this time you can still place orders, our shop remains open. Please bear in mind though that no orders will be going out on the three potential shipping days next week (Tue/Wed/Thur).

We think it’s imperative that we’re honest with you, which is why we have sent this email to inform you of these delays and changes. If you have any further questions please mail us at We will update you again next week via newsletter and social media.

Thank you for your patience and for supporting us during these difficult and different times.

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