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“Everyone knows that pepperoni is practically essential as a pizza topping, and we’ve tried every plant-based alternative out there. LoveSeitan is head and shoulders above them all – a delightful meaty texture with a delicate spicy heat to its flavour, and also really easy to use and work into your menu. Customers have been gob-smacked that it’s plant-based, and our bonafide Italian chefs have deemed it identical to the real deal. Molto bene!”
Rob Trounce, Marketing Director, Purezza
“We have used various products from LoveSeitan for a few years now within our business and the product quality is consistent, easy to use and tastes delicious. It has helped me broaden our menu without adding in extra complication and the customers really enjoy it.”
Emma Blackmore, Three Joes
“I have been using Love Seitan for the past 3 years and it is a wonderful company to work with. The product which we use for our Vegan Döner kebab is fantastic, all their flavours are very good, especially Chilli & Garlic.”
Amad Humair, Ambos Gourmet
“We love LoveSeitan! From initial contact and our first order the product and service has been first class. LoveSeitan’s products have become an integral part of our offering and the diverse product line up and banging flavour profiles make them a no-brainier for any establishment wanting to make great vegan food. The team are always happy to help and make sure you feel prioritised no matter how small or large the order. Not looked back! Thanks LoveSeitan!”
Colum Hustler, Woodys Pizza
“We can’t get enough of the LoveSeitan products here at Koda, and neither can our customers. Some of our best selling menu items in the past have heavily featured their seitan, from our Peri Peri Seitan sandwich or our Christmas Dinner Bao using the Seitan roast in place of turkey slices. We find it’s incredibly versatile and takes on all kinds of flavours. The only limitation is our creativity! The team at LoveSeitan are wonderful to deal with and make the ordering process smooth and simple. We highly recommend!”
Reece Wilde, Koda Coffee
I first came across Love Seitan at ExCel London beginning of March 2020, who would have known how the world would change!! As we learnt to deal with every changing scenario, LoveSeitan was there with us, first through one of our existing suppliers and then when we could not get the product due to them not ordering it as they were concentrated on home delivery. We got it straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak!!! Delivery was always good, well packaged and on time. If we did have a problem, which were few considering the pressures we were all under, they did their best to rectify it as soon as possible.

So on to the products – 1kg seitan logs – Chilli & Garlic, this is used in a No Beef Stroganoff. Great meat substitute and with the garlic & chilli flavour gives the dish the extra boost.

Chyk’n Bites – Just served on their own, heated through the oven with homemade ketchup for a bar snack. Lovely and crispy with a very tasty coating. We sell load as no one really realises they’re not chicken. (Great for kids)

Shredded Seitan – Great as a hot sandwich again works well as a non-meat chicken club, or Caesar sandwich/salad.

We are soon to be changing our concept so looking forward to using the pepperoni & other flavours of seitan logs as well as the shredded seitan. Most importantly we would not use LoveSeitan if the customers were not happy with the product, as you can tell our customer love the product and this has helped the growth of our vegetarian & vegan customers. We will continue to use LoveSeitan and look forward to seeing what else they have to offer; the bonus last year was the introduction of soya free seitan which helps with the allergens as well.
Sarah Huggett Stew & Oyster Ltd Salt Taps Ltd
stew and oyster


Seitan is the most versatile of products and its uses are only limited by your imagination or kitchen skills! All of the images on this website are dishes we have made ourselves using seitan including those on the labels above which will enlarge if you click them. H
istorically meals consist of a protein (seitan, animal products), carbohydrates (vegetables, pasta, rice) and often a sauce or dressing (gravy, ketchup, soy sauce). Seitan is the ideal replacement for animal products offering all of the benefits and none of the negatives which include the cholesterol and saturated fats which can lead to serious illness and of course seitan does not release greenhouse gases of which the livestock sector are a major contributor.

Seitan is a Japanese word which translates to “proper” or “correct” protein. The protein content of seitan is on a par with that of chicken breast at around 30%. It has a higher protein content than pork, eggs, milk, ground beef and fish.

If you are flexitarian or if you are transitioning to a vegan / plant based diet, you can use seitan to create any dishes that you would previously have used animal products. Whether it’s a roast dinner, pasta, a stir fry, a stew or casserole, fried rice or a filling for a sandwich, burrito or jacket potato. It’s ideal in a curry, in lasagna, in pies or pasties, as a pizza topping or as part of a full English breakfast.

It can be fried, baked, grilled, tossed in a salad or even eaten raw out of the pack. The options really are limitless and please do take inspiration from the images on this website which we will continually be adding to as we create them. 

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